Receptacle Direct Bury Kit


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As with all our products, the direct bury kit is plastisol coated in the color of your choice.


If you are looking for an in-ground receptacle post mount we have just what you need. The receptacle direct bury kit will fasten onto your Premier Polysteel receptacle. The sturdy post mounts into the ground and will keep the receptacle secure. Plastisol (polyvinyl) completely coats the sturdy pipe. In addition, the 4″ x 4″ top plate easily attaches to the bottom of the receptacle. This is available in the color of your choice. One direct bury kit fits all Premier Polysteel receptacle sizes. Stainless steel fasteners are included.

The plastisol coating protects the mount from rust which is important to the durability of all our products. Therefore, moisture is sealed out for good. This is why we are able to offer a 20 Year Warranty!

Assembling the Direct Bury Kit

  1. With a post hole auger, drill a 30″ deep hole in the ground.
  2. Drill out the holes in the mounting plate of the post and also the holes in the mounting plate of the receptacle base with a 7/16″ dia drill bit.
  3. Place the direct bury post into the center of the ground hole and support it in place. Make sure the top of the post is level. (Note: The distance between the ground and the bottom of the receptacle is your choice. However, you need to leave enough room to install the fasteners.)
  4. Level the post and then fill the hole with concrete. We suggest that you fill the hole slightly higher than ground level and crown the top of the concrete. This will keep the water from pooling under the receptacle.
  5. After the concrete has set you can continue with the receptacle installation.

The in-ground receptacle post mount is 30″ long with a tapered end. The post is 1-1/4″ Sch40 pipe. The top plate measures 4″ x 4″. It ships in one piece with instructions on how to attach it to your receptacle.



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