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Payment Terms:

To order our product, please keep in mind that the purchase price and sales tax must be paid upfront. However, if an installation fee applies, it will only be due on the day of completion. To inquire about the availability of a specific product, please feel free to call or email us.

What is the price of a specific product?

Our website lists pricing for each in stock product.

How much is installation?

You can find in installation pricing on our website. The price varies by set, brand and location. To find installation pricing please call our office or send us email.

Do you have any promotions or deals?

All of our residential products have been sales priced to match or be lower than our competition.

Do you price match?

At this time we are not offering any price matching.

Do you install sets?

Yes, we love installing sets!

Do you ship sets?

No we do not. We do welcome customer pick ups at our North Kansas City, MO warehouse.


To schedule a yard check, call 816-651-4141 or send an email to sales@recinstall.com. If you have questions but are ready yet for a yard check, please let us know what unit you are interested in. Yard checks fees are based on location, most range from $50.00 to & $70.00. This fee does not come off the purchase price of the product or the installation fee.

Is there any way we can get our set faster?

Be prepared for a hard NO in Springtime. However sometimes we can accommodate – please give us a call to check 816-651-4141.

Do you install where I live?

For our residential swing sets and basketball goals, we service the greater Kansas City area only.

Can you help me narrow down my search?

Yes, we’d love to! Please make sure you know the dimensions of the area we are working with. It is best to email this information. At this time, we are doing in person or phone call appointments.

What is the best way to purchase once I am ready?

The best way is to place your order is to call our office. 816-651-4141

Can I pay extra to expedite our installation?

We don’t feel this is very fair so this is not an option.

Do you have any basketball hoops in stock?

We do offer the Ironclad basketball brand. Product is available purchase. Please visit our Ironclad page.

Can you take down my set or move my set?

Recreation Installations does not offer this service.

Can you install a set that I purchased elsewhere?

On a case by case basis only. Please email or call with a picture of your set and your location.

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