Playground Engineered Wood Fiber

Are you in need of a safety surfacing solution that is both cost-effective and safe? Look no further than engineered wood fiber!

Paige Liberty Park Fayette, MO

Many playgrounds in the U.S. use engineered wood fiber as their surface material. This is because it is affordable and has great impact absorption. It also meets accessibility guidelines. Engineered wood fiber safety surfacing helps prevent injuries and ensures a fun playtime for kids. 

Engineered wood fiber is produced from virgin oak hardwood species and is carefully processed to guarantee a secure and consistent texture for playgrounds. It is a top-tier choice that has successfully passed all IPEMA and ASTM standards testing. 

EWF is also great for those with a limited budget or desire a more natural look.

Recreation Installations can assist you with your project! Let us know what size your area is and how many inches deep you need and we can send you an estimate!

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