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Purchasing Process & Payment Options

Do you have questions about how Recreation Installations ordering and purchasing process works? Below is a step-by-step guide on what to expect when it comes to requesting a quote for purchasing.

PURCHASING PROCESS (quote request):

1) Submit Your Quote Request– Recreation Installations offers a very easy, handy quote request system on our web. Go to your desired product’s page and click the green “Add To Quote” button. You can add as many products to your quote request as needed.

Contact Us– If you want to skip the online quote request system (step #1 above), you can always contact us directly, and we will connect you with a sales rep over email or phone to answer any of your questions. If all questions are answered and you are ready to order, we are happy to help you order your desired products and services over the phone or email.

2) Receive a Formal Quote from a Sales Representative– Once your submitted quote request is reviewed or you have talked to a sales rep about your needs, a sales rep will email you a formal quote in 1-3 business days. In the quote, you will receive an itemized list of your products with shipping, tax (if not exempt), installation costs (if desired), and the lead time to expect shipping. 

3) Verify Details of Your Order– At this point, you will want to check the details of your order carefully. You will verify color choices and mounting options and confirm your shipping address and date of installation (if desired).

4) Choose Payment Terms With Your Sales Rep – There are typically four different terms:

  • Pay in full. This is always the simplest for both parties.
  • Pay a deposit (half of the total).
  • Purchase Orders. Usually, they are only available for submission by governmental organizations.
  • Financing.

One of these payment methods must be received to get your order processed.

5) Submit Payment And Payment Types- We offer many payment options for our customer’s convenience. See all that we offer below.

  • Company or Municipal Check: Must be received prior to order processing
  • Wire Transfer: Must be agreed upon prior to initiating wire transfer
  • Financing: Available for equipment over $1,000.
  • Credit Card: Visa, MasterCard, and Discover Card are the only credit cards we accept. Please note a 3% processing fee will be applied to credit card payments.
  • Purchase Order: Prior arrangements are required.

6) Order Acknowledgement & Receipt Once Recreation Installations has accepted and processed your order, we send an updated invoice by email. We ask that you read the invoice very carefully and notify us immediately if any terms are incorrect or not what was mutually agreed.

7) Shipping Status– You will receive an email with your order’s shipping status. If you prefer, we can call you with updates on your order.

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