Swerving Spindle Spinner


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The Swerving Spindle has you covered for all your balancing and spinning needs! Children of all ages and sizes will have fun trying to keep their balance on this unique and silly equipment. It will intuitively teach children to use their own center of gravity while also being interactive and enjoyable.


Model Number: PFS052 
Age Range: 2-12 years
Child Capacity: 1
Fall Height: 24″
Safety Zone: 13′ 6″ x 13′ 6″
The Swerving Spindle’s crooked pole is meant to be a child’s hold as they swerve to and fro. The base is perfect for planting their feet; keeping slipping to a minimum. Equipment like this will be a standout in any playground or backyard. Outfit your Swerving Spindle with the right color to fit your mood or style. Both the polyethylene plastic and metal are color customizable! Kids will not be able to resist the enormous amount of fun the Swerving Spindle exudes time and time again. Hold on tight!
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