Loop Whirler


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The Loop Whirler is fun alone or with friends. Grab on tight and do not let go as you orbit the Loop Whirler’s sturdy metal base at exhilarating speeds. The base and handles are made from galvanized steel to keeping children reliably safe while the ride stays endlessly exciting.


Model Number: PFS055 
Age Range: 5-12 years
Child Capacity: 1-4
Fall Height: 72″
Safety Zone: 24′ 1″ x 24′ 1″
Promotes healthy, social interaction among up to four riders while they are suspended from each ring. Every kid’s imagination will run wild once they have latched on tight to crank the anchor to the surface of the water on their pirate ship. Its distinct umbrella-like design adorned with easy to grip handles is approachable to any child at school no matter their size. The bright orange is sure to spice up any play area, but cooler colors are available from our list of powder coat painted metal options.
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