Sportsplay Standard Football Goal (pair) 561-442


Original price was: $3,146.00.Current price is: $2,423.00.

The Standard Football Goal delivers quality without the cost of our modern pitchfork goal. This standard football goal comes in standard (2-3/8 inch OD post) or heavy duty (3-1/2 inch OD post) steel support posts and crossbar. This goal features 1-7/8 inch OD galvanized steel uprights. Uprights are 20 feet 6 inches high. Height to crossbar is 10 feet. Price and weight are for a pair of goals.

Please specify below a cross bar width of 18′ 6″ wide (College) or 23′ 4″ wide (High School) (Meets NCAA Specifications). The Standard Duty features 2-3/8″ OD supports and cross bar with 2-3/8″ uprights. The Heavy Duty features 3-1/2″ OD supports and cross bar with 1-7/8″ uprights.




  • Crossbar 10’H, Uprights 20.5’H. Specify crossbar College 18.5’W or High School 23’4″W.
  • Model: Sportsplay 561-442
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