Spelling Panel With Posts Freestanding


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Children can continue to learn while having fun during playtime with the Freestanding Spelling Panel.


Model Number:
Age Range:
2-12 years
Post Diameter:
Product Type:
Safety Zone:
None required

Meets National Standards for

ASTM F1487-17 CPSC Guidelines #325

This interactive panel offers a word game that consists of three rotating wheels of letters. The panel displays a few examples of possible words to get children started, but there are countless other combinations to discover. Kids can challenge themselves to come up with as many three-letter words as they can using the available letters. They can also challenge their friends to see who can find more words. The game encourages children to test themselves, rather than being forced to complete mandatory tasks, making it an excellent educational tool. This activity is perfect for promoting spelling and vocabulary development. The panel is easy to install on any playground and does not require a designated use zone. Additionally, no additional structures are needed to set it up, thanks to the built-in posts.
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