Regal Rocket Spinner


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Blast off with the Regal Rocket spinner. Balancing and spinning are the name of the Regal Rocket’s game. This exciting equipment will invoke children of any ages imagination while staying undeniably safe. Kids can channel their inner Neil Armstrong as they spin around with ease while pretending to launch into cold, deep space. The multi-sided handle allows a child to intuitively grab on, correct their balance and reorient their footing with minimal effort.


Model Number: PFS054 
Age Range: 2-12 years
Child Capacity: 1
Fall Height: 24″
Safety Zone: 13′ 4″ x 13′ 4″
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The plastic base also consists of many circular indentations to keep feet stationary and firm through many fun-filled twirls. It also comes in a multitude of color variations to keep things visually appealing and aesthetically sound. The design will stand out as much as the enjoyment it provides. It will make any playground or backyard sensational. No child can turn down this much fun!
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