55 Gal Round Receptacle Expanded Metal Design


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The durable strength of our contract grade 55-gallon round receptacle offers a perfect solution to high-traffic sites. Restaurants, city sidewalks, businesses, and parks can all benefit by containing trash in an attractive and tidy manner. 55 gallon capacity round plastisol coated metal receptacle. Coated metal lids sold separately.


This large one-piece trash can needs no assembly! We offer a flat lid that will easily lift off for easy garbage removal. In addition, because of the UV stable plastisol coating, the garbage cans are both attractive and low maintenance. Not only do they look great, but the coating also protects the metal. For this reason, you will never need to deal with rust because the coating seals out the rain and snow! Therefore, we are able to offer a 20 Year Warranty!

How to Choose the Right Garbage Can


You are too busy to spend any time at all thinking about garbage cans. Here are five things that could make your life easier when considering what you need to keep your area tidy.

  1. Protected metal: The metal garbage cans start out looking pretty nice, but eventually they turn into an eyesore. A 1/8+ inch thick coating is bonded to the metal on all our receptacles. They will never need painting and because of the coating, they won’t rust.
  2. Mold-Resistance: The plastisol we apply to our products not only includes UV stable properties but also an antimicrobial additive so they are resistant to bacterial and fungal growth. In addition, they are easily cleaned with a power washer or hose along with mild soap and bleach-free disinfectant.
  3. Sturdiness: Trash cans don’t do any good if they blow down the street when the wind picks up. We manufacture all our products right here in our hometown of Northwood, Iowa, so we make sure they are sturdy and reliable.
  4. Durability: Purchasing high-quality products saves money in the long run. Premier Polysteel is so certain our products will look great and last for years to come that we offer a 20-year warranty.
  5. Design: Why shouldn’t your outdoor space look good? Garbage is a reality, but what contains it can still look nice. We offer twelve standard colors, as well as a selection of styles and sizes.

Commercial Grade Receptacle Features20 year warranty

  • 100% plastisol coated metal prevents rust and corrosion
  • Easy to clean with mild soap and bleach-free disinfectant. It is safe to use a power washer on all our plastisol-coated products.
  • The sturdy base will ensure the trash can will maintain its original shape
  • It is possible to bolt the trash receptacle base to concrete if desired
  • A standard 55-gallon drum will fit inside
  • Coated expanded metal sides are on the round receptacles

A flat lid to fit the trash can is sold separately We offer a completely plastisol coated flat lid in the color of your choice. This lid has a 16″ opening. We also carry a direct bury kit if you need to mount the receptacle in the ground.

The dimensions of the 55-gallon round receptacle are 30″ in diameter by 36″ high. A standard 55-gallon drum will fit inside. This receptacle ships in one piece and there is no assembly required.



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