Treble Tongue Drum


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The Treble Tongue Drum is a unique outdoor instrument that enables musical fun for all ages. Made from high-quality steel, the Treble Tongue Drum helps create beautiful melodies for the entire playground to hear. The Treble Tongue Drum was designed to accommodate children of all ages, who will relish the opportunity to get outdoors and make some music.



Model Number: PMC008P
Age Range: 2 to 12 years
Product Type:
Unit Size: 34″ x 15″ x 16″
Colors: Primary Or Neutral
No drumming experience is required to use the Treble Tongue Drum; all that’s needed is a pair of hands and a desire to create lovely percussive beats. The Treble Tongue Drum is perfect for musical exploration, and when combined with other outdoor musical instruments, it makes the perfect addition to a playground musical ensemble.
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