Royal Double Station Chin Up



With simple instructions clearly printed on both sides of the device, you can complete every chin-up with perfect form. With two bars included, you’ll be able to work out with a friend, encouraging each other to put in the extra effort to really work those biceps and back muscles (such as the teres major and latissimus dorsi) if you’ve been waiting for an ideal outdoor piece of workout equipment to help you work those upper arms and back muscles, chin up and get the Royal Double Station Chin Up today.



Model Number: PFT025 
Age Range: 13 years +
Muscle Group: Back
Product Type: Fitness Royal
Unit Size: 2′ 10″ x 3′ 7″
You know, you want to know: How many chin-ups can you do? Whether you’re working on getting your chin past the bar for the first time or you’re well into double digits before you break a sweat, the Royal Double Station Chin-Up is the ideal way to get started and get counting. This outdoor device is built of tough and durable steel, allowing it to outlast the weather and remain a solid, safe, and effective workout option for teenagers and adults, no matter the weather.
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