Raindrop Imagination Station


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Raindrop Imagination Station proves that even with limited playground space, children can still enjoy the classic play structure features they love.


Model Number: PCE001 
Age Range: 2-5 years
Child Capacity: 8-13
Fall Height: 38″
Safety Zone: 21′ 6″ x 20′ 8″

ADA Accessibility ✓ ADA Compliant 

Elevated: 6 components

Ground Level: 2 components

Meets National Standards for: ASTM F1487-17 CPSC Guidelines #325


Many play structures are large, expansive, and contain a variety of amenities. They’re great for large areas accommodating a wide range of children, but what about smaller areas? Part of the Raindrop Imagination Station’s appeal is that it can be situated on playgrounds with limited square footage and still offers the same classic play structure features that kids know and love. On the ground floor, children can spin the Rain Wheel around, perhaps envisioning themselves at the helm of a boat or a car, while more musically-inclined kids will love the percussive qualities of the Bongos. After a brief climb up the Fish Stair, kids can challenge their peers to a game using the Tic Tac Toe Panel, as well as peer out at the rest of the playground through the Window Panel and the See Through Panel. Once finished, they can cascade back down the ground using the Hard Hat Straight Slide.


PCE001 Included:

Standard/No Mounting Kit: Standard surface mounting with built-in plates for surface mounting.

PCE001SMKIT $112:

Surface Mount Kit: Includes longer versions of surface mounts for climber and slides (and step mount for PCE002 and PCEW003).

PCE001GKIT $425

In-Ground Mount Kit: Includes inground mounts for each post, climber and slide (and step mount for PCE002 and PCE003).

PEC001GSTK $42

Stakes: This is an option for surface anchoring onto a grass/dirt base. It uses the mounts provided in the standard set, but stakes are used instead of traditional concrete-type mounting anchors.




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