Pixel Half Zag


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The Pixel Half Zag is a unique climbing structure made from two upright Pixel Climbers standing at an angle from each other.

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Model Number: PPX008 
Age Range: 5-12 years
Child Capacity: 5-10
Fall Height: 84″
Safety Zone: 13′ 1″ x 19′ 3″
The climber has a unique surface, which is made from several cube-shaped indentations and protrusions that can be used as hand and foot holds as kids climb. There are even spaces with no cubes, which form tiny square holes that kids can peek through to see what’s on the other side. This unique texture is not found on many other items of playground equipment, so it can be a great way to give your play area a dash of modern flair. The Pixel Half Zag is tall and wide so that kids will have plenty of room to climb in different directions. However, because it is thin, it is not difficult to find a spot on most playgrounds where it could fit.
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