Flat Lid Fits 55 Gal Receptacle 8” Opening


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The flat receptacle lid has an 8″ opening and easily lifts off for trash removal. It fits the 55 gallon round receptacle.


The flat receptacle lid fits securely on top of the 55-gallon receptacle. The plastisol (poly-vinyl) coated, heavy-duty cover has an opening of 8″ in diameter. For trash removal, simply lift the cover off the garbage bin, change out the bag or liner, and put the cover back in place.

Garbage Can Cover Features

  • The metal trash can lid has a 1/8+ inch thick coating of plastisol, therefore it will not rust or need painting.
  • Our plastisol is UV stable and mold and mildew-resistant. Therefore the cover will look great for years!
  • This lid fits the Premier Polysteel 55-gallon round receptacle.
  • Available in twelve standard colors.
  • In addition, there is a V-shaped hook welded to the bottom of the lid for optional cable attachment is a
  • As with all our products, the receptacle lid carries a 20 Year Warranty!

The flat receptacle lid dimensions are 30” in diameter x 2.5″ high with an 8″ center opening. Available in twelve standard colors.



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