Elite High Back Bucket Seat


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The Elite High Back Bucket Seat is specially designed to keep infants and toddlers as safe as possible while they are introduced to swinging. Its ergonomic shape keeps the rider in a well-supported upright position, eliminating the possibility of them tipping over or falling out.


Model Number: PCS002BK
Age Range: 9-36 months
  • The seat has a steel insert which makes it incredibly durable and rigid, offering additional support and reducing the likeliness of the seat being damaged. Young children will need assistance getting in and out of the seat, and will probably need a push to help them get moving. Still, they will likely appreciate the experience and want to swing even more as they get older. The seat has two metal loops on either side of it which make it easy to attach it to the swing chains. The seat can me ordered in black, blue, and green colors, so that you can match it with the theme of the rest of your playground.
Meets National Standards for
  • ASTM¬†F1487-17
  • CPSC¬†Guidelines #325
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