7 Feet High Elite Single Post Nest Swing


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The 7 feet High Elite Single Post Nest Swing makes any playground space thrive and is sure to bring smiles to the children in your community’s faces.



Model Number: PSWNT002WS
Post Diameter: 5-inch
Safety Zone: 28′ x 24′
  • The set boasts simple single posts on either end and since each bay is seperated, the overall look is minimalistic in nature. This swing set comes with the Nest Swing Seat which brings a unique swinging experience to the single rider as it most resembles a tire swing with its round, disc-like design and extra space for the rider. This set is available in eye-catching jewel tones – Pacific Blue and Rainforest Green – while the Nest Swing Seat comes in the standard colors, yellow and tan. The 7 feet High Elite Single Post Nest Swing is built to withstand the outdoor elements with it’s metal structure and powder coat paint colors, ensuring that it will be standing for seasons to come.


Meets National Standards for

  •  ASTM F1487-17
  • CPSC Guidelines #325

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