320 Square Inch Covered Barbecue Grill with Shelf, In-Ground Mount


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This large covered grill measures 19.5” x 29.25” x 16.5” with 320 square inch cooking area. This grill features a utility shelf and a 3 1/2” OD post 40” long for in-ground mount installation. Covered park grills hold in the smoke and heat to give foods that great smoked flavor. Covers also protect grilling surface from rain and snow to prevent rusting. Grill is fabricated of 1/2” steel bars which are non-removable, yet can be tipped out for easy cleaning and have adjustable vents on the firebox to furnish draft control and on the cover to control smoke containment and venting.



Products specifications
Assembly Required Yes
Mounting Method Inground Mount
Length 41.5 inches
Width 19.5 inches
Height 52.25 inches
Weight 145 lbs
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