3-Wheel Swing Ladder


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The 3-Wheel Swing Ladder is an exciting new variation on the traditional overhead climber. Instead of having bars or rungs for children to swing across, it has three large metal wheels which spin as children hang from them.


Model Number: PTC016 
Age Range: 5-12 years
Child Capacity: 5-10
Fall Height: 96″
Post Diameter: 3.5-inch
Safety Zone: 19′ 8″ x 15′ 9″
Swing from one to the next, and attempt to grab the next wheel as they spin past. If they miss, they only have to keep spinning ant try again on the next rotation. Having three wheels makes this activity not too physically demanding of an activity, but not too short either.
It challenges children’s ability to hold on for a brief period of time without touching the ground, and their coordination when it comes to catching the next wheel. With practice, children will enjoy learning to control the speed of the wheel’s rotation by shifting their body weight around.
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