Surface Mount Kit Large, Set Of 2


Original price was: $60.00.Current price is: $45.00.

To secure free-standing benches and rectangle and oval picnic tables to concrete.


Secure Picnic Tables and Benches to Concrete

The large surface mount kit will bolt down rectangle picnic tables and Champion style benches to discourage relocation and theft. A plastisol coating covers the clamps included in the kit.  Because of the coating, they will not chip and expose the steel, therefore no rusting can occur. Rust weakens the steel and shortens the life of the products. Who wants that?

If you want to bolt down the free standing square and round picnic tables and kid’s picnic tables, you will need to order the size small surface mount kit.

Two plastisol coated clamps are included with the kit. In addition to the clamps you will also receive the hardware needed to secure them to the concrete. Choose any of our twelve available colors.

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