Serpent Pod Climber



The Serpent Pod Climber is a large climbing structure made up of several different pod climbers. 8,338

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Model Number: PFS031 
Age Range: 5-12 years
Child Capacity: 16-22
Fall Height: 72″
Safety Zone: 15′ 4″ x 29′ 6″
There are a total of nine individual climbers with varying heights and numbers of steps. This creates a varied climbing environment in which children can move up or down as they move from one pod climber to the next. The round steps make it easy to step onto adjacent climbers, or to shimmy around the central post. The pod steps have spaces that can be used as hand grips, which enables anyone to easily climb up even the tallest of the climbers. Each one of them has a vertical safety rail on top which makes them much safer, especially since kids will want to stand on the highest steps they can reach. This is a highly unique play structure which offers children a climbing landscape unlike anything they’ve ever experienced.
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