Polydome Lid For 32 Gallon


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The heavy-duty poly dome lid has a self-closing feature and fits 22 and 32-Gallon receptacles. Available in black, brown, blue, gray, red, yellow.


If you already have existing trash receptacles at your community space, park, or venue, you and your visitors can benefit from a new polydome lid. This polydome lid fits the 32-gallon and 22-gallon receptacles and offers a self-closing feature. The self-closing feature ensures that smells do not linger farther than they should and help prevent outdoor pests from rummaging in your garbage.

All polydome lids are carefully molded to create a reliable, consistent shape. Since our polydome lids are made from plastic, they will withstand the elements for years to come. They are corrosion and rust-resistant, and these lids will even resist chipping from everyday use.


  • Self-closing push opening
  • Heavy molded plastic
  • Available in seven colors, so there’s plenty of great color combinations!

We understand that you may have specific colors you wish to feature in your venue, or you may even have strict HOA standards that must be met. This is why we proudly offer seven different color options for our polydome lids! You may choose from black, blue, brown, gray, green, red, or yellow for your new polydome lid.

All of our highly durable and perfectly engineered polydome lids fit our Premier Polysteel round receptacles. However, we have engineered our polydome lids to fit standard round trash receptacles that are 22-gallon or 32-gallon. The physical dimensions of our polydome lids are 24” x 13”.

If you are ready to minimize smells, prevent pests from rummaging around, and add a new look to your current trash receptacles, add our polydome lids to your cart today!

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