8′ ADA Accessible Picnic Table | Free Standing | Expanded Metal Design


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The Champion style 8-foot accessible picnic table with a sturdy frame is a customer favorite! There is room on each end for a wheelchair and it features a walk-through design. What’s more, a thick layer of UV stable, mold-resistant plastisol completely coats the entire product. This coating protects it from harsh environmental elements. In addition, the free-standing (portable) legs are coated! Because there is no exposed metal, rust will never be a problem. For this reason, we are able to offer a 20-year warranty! Rust weakens the steel and shortens the life of outdoor furniture. Who wants that?!

The tabletop and seats have classic diamond-shaped openings, so these surfaces dry quickly after rain. Because of the frame design, this table won’t tip even if everyone sits on the same side! Plus every part of the picnic table – from top to bottom – has a 1/8+ inch coating of UV stable, mold-resistant plastisol!

  • Comfortably seats eight adults – three on each bench seat and a wheelchair on each end.
  • Features a special “no-tip” design!
  • The coated expanded metal surface has classic diamond-shaped openings that allow the picnic table to dry quickly after rain.
  • Easy walk-through design.
  • The free-standing picnic tables are portable. Optional mounting kits are available for bolting to concrete. This style table requires a size Large Surface Mount Kit.


The tabletop dimensions for the 8-foot Champion Accessible Picnic Table are 30 inches x 96 inches. Bench seats are 10 inches x 72 inches and centered on each 96-inch side. This leaves enough space to accommodate a wheelchair on each end per ADA recommended standards. The overall footprint is 69 inches x 96 inches. *Color Disclaimer: Actual product colors may vary from the colors shown on your monitor. Plastisol color samples are therefore available upon request.


Seats eight adults comfortably. The accessible picnic tabletop is 8 feet long, with a six-foot bench centered on each side. This leaves space for a wheelchair on each end. The design meets all ADA recommendations.

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