Refund and Returns Policy

Before we begin, would you mind reaching out to us?

If you are considering returning an item, please reach out to us first. Our team is dedicated to resolving any issues with your order quickly and effectively. We strive to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase. In the event that items are damaged, incorrect, or missing, please contact us within 48 hours of delivery. Our team will assist you in replacing items and/or filing a freight damage claim.

Please keep in mind that your playground is a specially crafted and individualized item that has undergone months of preparation to reach you. If you choose to return any component, it may alter the overall appearance and ambiance of your play area. Moreover, replacing an item can be a time-consuming process, which may further delay the playtime experience for your little ones.

Also, returning your equipment will result in additional costs as you consider the cost of packaging, shipping and restocking. This can be an expensive process.

In case you choose to return your equipment, there are some important things you need to be aware of:

  • Only unopened items can be returned within 30 days.
  • Please ensure that any items being returned are in a condition suitable for resale.
  • In order to proceed with a return, the factory must grant approval and provide a Return Material Authorization.
  • Playground equipment, particularly larger items such as slides, swings, and climbers, is commonly shipped using Return Freight. The price of this shipping a return will vary between $300 to more than $1,000.
  • When returning merchandise, the individual who is returning it is responsible for paying the freight charges. Please note that any freight charges incurred for shipping the item to and from the customer’s location will not be refunded.
  • In most cases the factory will pay for return shipping charges if they make a mistake.
  • Restocking fees will be applied to any approved cancellation. Restocking fees will vary from vendor to vendor but plan on a minimum of 25 % to 30% fee being applied to your refund.
  • You can anticipate receiving a refund either four weeks after returning the product or once the merchandise has been evaluated.
  • If you encounter any problems with your recent delivery such as missing items, damages or an incorrect order, please get in touch with us within 48 hours to report the issue.

Non-Returnable Products

(not returnable for any refund for any reason)

  • Playground equipment that has been installed.
  • Shade equipment
  • Product that did not exceed $50.00
  • Products that are damaged or defective and have been replaced free of charge
  • Equipment that has been returned after a period of 30 days from its initial delivery
  • Items without Return Material Authorization
  • Any product returned freight collect
  • Items that are being offered for free or as part of a promotion
  • Any surface, including and not limited to poured-in-place, rubber mulch, rubber tiles, and wood fiber
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