Filbert Frog


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Filbert, being a conscientious frog, has also included a handle on his back to make sure his little preschool companions stay put as they bound between the lily pads in the world of make-believe. So, hop to it, and add Filbert Frog Fun Bounce to your playground today.


Model Number: PFB004 
Age Range: 2-5 years
Child Capacity: 1
Fall Height: 26″
Safety Zone: 13′ 4″ x 14′ 9″
  • When it comes to the Filbert Frog Fun Bounce, it’s not just easy being green, it’s a whole lot of fun. Pre-kindergarteners will delight in hopping on and seeing where Filbert takes their young imagination. They can take a dip in swampy waters to hang out with the little tadpoles below the surface or hop along the forest floor on the hunt for a dragonfly dinner.
  • Wherever your child’s mind runs, Filbert will be there to transport them as they bounce about on his froggy back. Filbert includes a comfortable molded green plastic frog seat, heavy duty spring, and a mounting plate, making him a safe as well as fun ride.
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