Egg Whirler



Children are invited to watch the playground rotate around them as they spin their way to space on the Egg Whirler. It combines the love for spinning with a unique futuristic design to draw riders in from every end of the play area. Cutouts allow light to enter the egg-shaped seat, reducing the risk of discomfort in children who may be unnerved by a dark, confined space.



Model Number: PFS063 
Age Range: 2-12 years
Child Capacity: 1
Fall Height: 20″
Safety Zone: 15′-2″ x 15′-2″

Openings also allow riders to see their friends and family outside and parents and guardians to supervise what is happening inside. A wide entry and exit point allows riders to safely take turns on this one-seater attraction. Spinners give kids an opportunity to work on progressing their spatial orientation and balance during play. This independent play element also encourages imaginative and creative play, promoting social development and problem-solving skills.

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