Carbon Fiber Competition Volleyball Net System Galaxy Express – SBS


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  • 3.5″, Carbon Fiber Uprights
  • Wormgear net tensioning crank
  • Bottom rope tensioner and rope covers
  • Side tape tensioners
  • Net height indicator
  • Free lettering upon request
  • Same side-by-side system as Galaxy Complete-SBS excluding floor sockets


First Team introduces the Galaxy: the latest in innovative, high performance volleyball standards. The 3.5″ diameter uprights are constructed of carbon fiber composite. Carbon fiber is the key, strong as steel and light as aluminum. Now volleyball programs can have it all, equipment that is lightweight and easy to set up without sacrificing upright rigidity or net tensioning.

Carbon fiber has been used for many years in a variety of industries. Carbon fiber has been used for such things as bicycle frames, golf clubs, submarines, aircraft and spacecraft. First Team is the first and only manufacturer to provide volleyball systems made with this superior alloy. The Galaxy volleyball system truly is as strong as steel and as light as aluminum.

The Galaxy comes complete with a wormgear crank net tensioner that will not backdrive and is the safest in the industry. The telescoping pistons are spring loaded for simple, quick net height adjustments from 78″ to 98″ for all levels of play. The net height is shown on the built in net height indicator. Each system comes with a top quality knotless mesh competition net made with Kevlar.  First Team competition antennae set comes standard.  Upright padding is available in 12 colors, padded rope covers and chain net height gauge are also included.

The entire system meets all NCAA, National High School Federation and USVBA rules.

The Galaxy is simply the best volleyball system on the market today!


FT5200WP Poles, FT5200CP Pole, FT5002 Nets, FT5010 Pads, FT5010CP

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